School Uniforms

The school expects neat and correct school uniforms for all our learners 

Parents must also give their support in this regard by ensuring that their children have the correct school uniforms.



Blue skirt with white shirt, and blue pullover jersey. Skirt not shorter than 15cm above the knees when kneeling.

Short white socks (folded over)

Black school shoes


Black long trousers or black skirt

White school shirt, plain black jersey

School tie, blazer and black school shoes



Plain mouse-grey short trousers and white shirt

Grey school socks

Black or brown calf leather local shoes (no boots)

Blazer optional


Long grey trousers, school shirt with school tie, grey socks

School shoes and blazer

Black jersey which look like those provided by

the suppliers are permissible

Hand knitted jerseys must also have a v-type collar in “STOCKING STITCH”

General Rules


  1. No colored hair.
  2. Hair must be cut according to the rules discussed with the boys.
  3. Neatly shaven every day.
  4. Grey socks with grey pants.
  5. Short pants – grey socks with blue and white stripes.
  6. Matrics: Black socks with black pants.
  7. Wearing socks is COMPULSORY, no secret socks.
  8. Boys are not allowed to have their school pants sewn off - no skinny fit.
  9. Only black shoes that can be polished. No suede or patent leather shoes, boots or “sneakers”.


  1. Hairclips and elastic bands have to be school colors.
  2. No decorations in braids.
  3. Bolla is not allowed to be bigger than the head.
  4. Girls need to ensure that they don’t obstruct the view of learners sitting behind them.
  5. Girls are allowed to wear PEHS earrings, small silver or gold studs and small rings. No diamond or pearl earrings. Only one earring per earlobe.

Hair Colour

Hair pieces only black and dark brown. Only no 1, 2 and 4.


  • 10 cm above the bend of the knee.
  • No spaghetti or tank tops.
  • Matrics are allowed to wear black skirts throughout the year.
  • Girls MOET All girls HAVE to wear ski pants (black or navy) underneath their skirts.
  • Pull-overs are compulsory for girls.
  • Nails have to be short.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear any cutex or any make-up.

Civvy Days

  • No spaghetti or tank tops.
  • No make-up.
  • Hair needs to be tied.
  • No jewelry.
  • No shorts shorter than 10cm above fold of the knee.
  • No low-cut tops.

*All learners HAVE TO WEAR SCHOOL BLAZERS on Mondays and Fridays.


Paul Erasmus Wapen