High School Paul Erasmus

Where everyone knows your name
Paul Erasmus Wapen


Paul Erasmus High School is a small school that was started in 1879 as a combined school.

Each student is important for us. Personal attention is part of our recipe that ensures excellent academic results. 

Paul Erasmus High School strives to equip each student with the needed life experience, knowledge and skills to empower them to make a real difference in life.

Rugby (6)
Kultuur (9)
Landbou (19)

Here we cultivate opportunities

The aim, objective and ideal of the school is to educate and lead all learners in order to achieve full realization of their God-given potential.

In order to achieve this aim, we strive to establish a true Christian value system, as well as the acceptance of norms and standards of behaviour which will lead to meaningful and useful adulthood. 

In order to facilitate the holistic development of the learner, high academic standards are set, and opportunities for sport and cultural development are provided.

The realization of this ideal depends on certain expectations and commitment from learners, staff and parents of the school.

Why High school Paul Erasmus

Strong Christian values

High Quality Education

Meaningful traditions

Letter from the Governing body

“Here at Paul Erasmus High School the governing body plays a very important role in
the day to day happenings of the school. With members that
is willing to go the extra mile and work efficiently with the teachers of the school
with the best interests of each student in mind.
This is what makes Paul Erasmus High School the school where everybody knows your name. No one here is just a number"

~ Dries Oberholzer, Chairman


"Paul Erasmus High School is a multicultural school that gives each student the opportunity to achieve their full potential"

Anton Anton Oosthuizen(29)

Principal in China, Alumni 2009

"Paul Erasmus High School taught me how to work hard for what I want to achieve in life"

Grace Swart (21)

Primaria of Kasteel ladies residence of the North West University , Alumni 2016

"Paul Erasmus High School taught me how to work with people from different backgrounds and how to develop strong leadership skills"

Isabele Jardim(21)

KSR Executive Committee of the North West University,
Alumni 2016

"The variety of activities that we participated in, taught us valuable life lessons and that you should never back down for nobody"

Jacques Potgieter (31)

Alumni 2006

School Anthem

Hef aan die lied, hef aan die lied, Senekal hou koers, hou koers.

Laat hoor jul stem, lê duidelik klem hou koers eendragtig saam.

Stel skool in pand vir volk en land,

Hou hoog sy roem met trots genoem.

Standvastig en Diensvaardig, vereer sy leuse waardig

Hou hoog sy roem sy faam, hou hoog sy naam.

Hou hoog sy roem sy faam, hou hoog sy naam.

All, sing out loud be strong and proud Constans et utius.

We learn and win in unity and learn to give our best.

We reach towards the highest rung

Our faith in God will make us strong

At Paul Erasmus High School

We live and strive for triumph.

Come sing this song out loud, be strong and proud.

Come sing this song out loud, be strong and proud.

High School Paul Erasmus

"Where everyone knows your name"


Paul Erasmus Wapen